Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mazda Australia’s official RX-8 National Video


Thanks to Luke. Thanks for coming and took a video of me, although I did not speak.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mazda RX-8 Nationals 2010

This year I have the pleasure to join the rest of the RX-8 boys in the Nationals. This is the 6th edition already and I have been only able to go to half of those. For one reason or the other I was not able to make it. A shame I would say since it has always been nice. We even have organized one in 2007.

Wakefield is a good track, especially now it has been resurfaced. The bumpiness of the tarmac has gone. Every good bits associated with Wakefield, ie the trackside accommodation.

Now the track day went smoothly. First we have big breakie that feels us up. I am not going to comment in the masterchef as it was really not that good.

Anyway, I had pretty long time to change to the slicks. Then the worst comes. My slicks was shot! There is no grip whatsoever. Even getting off the line is no good. The first session was still wet with the moisture from defrosting ... Did I mention that we started the day at 0 degree. We had minus 2 the next morning.

Well the theme of the entire day is understeering. And I normally have a lot of methods to deal with that. I lower tyre pressure to get more temp. I soften the damper front then the rear more. No use. I had to modify my driving which is not up to standard anyway to combat that. Shit.

The video will say more

Posted by Taka via the trusted iPad.

Location:Bignell Rd,Moorabbin,Australia

Thursday, December 03, 2009

TAKA 8 – WTF. 60.19 sec?!?!??!

The car is at the track again today this month. I was keen to get the car under 60 seconds. The racechrono program has been improved since last time.

The standing start function is important in hillclimb. I don’t want to cross the line and then start the clock. That inevitably will underestimate the time. But if you start the time when the car moves, then it is more accurate.

Well the real hill climb start when the starting gate release you… include your reaction time to start the car.

Racechrono is way ahead on most GPS based timing system, including Performance/Drift box. YAY!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back to Haunted Hills

Well I eventually have time and effort to come back to the scene of motorsports.. It is important for me. I nearly forgot how to drive that bloody thing. Plus I just spend some money to replace the brake disc, pads, fluids and oil. The plugs are clean. So why not fang it?

Come and join me on November 28! I will go again!

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